You're Never Too Old!

I Think I'm Too Old To Be A Bartender!
Well, you are wrong! Bartending is a career for people of all ages and backgrounds. This page is devoted to showcasing a few of our graduate success stories who may resemble you, if you are reading this page.

Our school trains people from all walks of life. You will probably be surprised to learn that in 2005, the Cincinnati campus trained 83 students between the ages of 30 and 39 and 55 students that were 40 years of age and older. (acording to our state-mandated record keeping). Ask us when you come in and we'll be happy to share this information. Last names have been withheld to preserve our students' privacy.) Our oldest student of record was Richard who was 74 at the time of attending our school. Richard wanted to tend bar on Marco Island, Florida where he spends the cold winter months.

In todays job market, many students have relayed their corporate horror stories to us. Job layoffs, downsizing, reduced benefits, longer hours, no appreciation by the company, reduced wages and a general dissatisfaction with their chosen career.

Many have told us that they just couldn't take it anymore! The kids are getting older and college tuition is coming up, or the kids are gone and it's time to do something that they would enjoy. Bartending is a great break from the grueling pace of the corporate world. A good bartender can earn a substantial living that is better than a lot of corporate jobs that require more expensive and longer schooling. It is also a great second income to help pay bills and can be a security blanket to fall back on when it's needed.

A professional bartender can usually find work within a week of looking and can start making tips right away. There is no starting at the bottom and working your way up in bartending. A bartender can earn $100 to $300 a day in wages and tips right out of school. An experienced bartender can switch jobs easily if they want a change of environment or different pace. Switching jobs is the norm for our industry and is not frowned upon so long as the bartender quits with a notice for a good reason.

Check out a few of our students below and see if their story sounds familiar. Then find a local school and let them help you get started in a profitable career that you can actually look forward to going to work!
Julie is a professional educator with a masters degree. She bartends at the ATP tennis tournament over the summer for extra money. Julie told us she earns a higher hourly wage (with tips) as a bartender than as a teacher.

Desmond works for one of the major insurance companies downtown. After handling customer complaints all day, Desmond stated, "I like to work where people are happy to see me!" Desmond bartends at Michael G's.

Ted was a retired military man who took our course in Cincinnati. After graduating, Ted applied at the Havana Martini Club and was made the bar manager with no prior bar experience, other than our school.

Dave was a retired Proctor and Gamble employee who also was hired at the Havana Martini Club after graduating. Dave has since retired to South Carolina and told us he had a bartending job lined up after relocating.
Saadia attended our school and then took a vacation to Florida. Our Ft. Lauderdale school set her up with a private party for Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins! Saddia recently sent her 20 year old daughter through our school so she too could share in the success! "The Four Horsemen" all worked at General Electric together for many years before retiring. All four took the class together and after graduating, two were hired at the Kings Island Inn and two at the Western Hills Country Club.

Andi is a recent graduate who now bartends at the Embassy Suites hotel. Steve was a grocery store manager who was affected by a company buyout. Steve attended our school and has bartended at Red Lobster and the Hamiltonian Inn.

Ted was a copyrighter for our local newspaper and wanted to have a second job to earn additional income and have some protection against job layoffs.

George is a retired Proctor and Gamble employee who attended our school. George has a great personality for bartending and landed a job at the Hoffbrau Haus on the Levy right out of school. George was featured on the cover of the Enquirer's "Weekend Magazine" about Octoberfest.

Ray was a realtor when he signed up for classes in Cincinnati. After graduation, Ray landed a bartending job on the Bonnie Belle Riverboat that cruises the Ohio from Pittsburgh to Louisville. Ray shared with us that he always dreamed of being a boat captain and on one cruise, the captain let him steer the ship!

Chip was a finance manager at auto dealerships for many years when he attended the Cincinnati campus a few years ago. Chip has bartended at Cosmo's on Mainstrasse, Gameworks at Newport on the Levy, Pedro's and Boswell Alley Restaurant. Chip now teaches part time at the Cincinnati campus.