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Earn Your Wisconsin Bartender License Online

Online Wisconsin Bartender License CourseDo you want to get your Wisconsin bartending license, embark on a new career, and earn big tips in a fun environment?

Now you can as the Professional Bartending Schools of America offers an Internet course – fully approved by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue – that you can take within a few hours, that  fully prepares you to work legally and responsibly in all alcohol-serving establishments in Wisconsin. There are no classrooms involved, and no expensive classes… it's just one online seminar, supported by the most trusted name in bartending schools.

We are offering this course at a very low price, so register now! It only take a few hours to get ready for a new career!

Sign up here for our Wisconsin Bartending License course online!

Steps to Receive your Wisconsin Bartender Certification

  • Enroll in our Wisconsin Bartending License - Beverage Server class by clicking on the "Bartender License Class" button above.
  • To purchase the Wisconsin Responsible Beverage Server Training for $14.95, click "Checkout and Proceed"
  • Complete the Wisconsin alcohol course online.
  • Print your permanent certification immediately. This certificate will act as proof of course completion and should be retained in your records.

Who Should Be Certified

  • Bartenders
  • Bar Backs
  • Servers
  • Managers
  • Liquor Store Clerks

Our Online Wisconsin Bartender License Class Offers

If you're looking to work in the service industry in Wisconsin – whether it be as a bartender, bar backs, server, manager, in a bar, restaurant, and hotel – you need to take a state-approved course and pass a certification exam. Our online course will save you money, and it can be completed in approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes – so you really will save a lot of time and money.

Wisconsin Bartender License CourseOther topics that our course will teach you, include:

  • How alcohol can affect your customers, and how to be aware of the first signs of intoxication.
  • Methods on preventing your customers from drinking too much, preventing them from getting intoxicated as well as curbing underage drinking.
  • The proper way to confront intoxicated guests when the demand more drinks.

Employers highly approve of our courses for not only do they teach bartenders, bar backs, and other alcohol servers how to work within the law, but it also helps them avoid expensive fines and lawsuits. So, if you're seeking a job in the service industry, why not take our Internet Wisconsin bartender's license course?

How You Can Become a Licensed Bartender in Wisconsin

Sign up here for our $14.95 Wisconsin Bartending License course online!

We've made earning your certificate easy. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Click on the red button above to register for the online Wisconsin bartending class.
  • You can take the internet lessons at your convenience (they usually take about three and a half hours, but you can take the lessons all at once, one at a time, or however it fits into your schedule).
  • Take the online exam and get a passing score.
  • Once you pass, you can print out your certificate of completion to show potential employers; an official copy will be sent to you within 10 business days.
  • If you've been thinking about starting a new career as a bartender an earning cash tips on a nightly basis, then now is the time to register for our online Wisconsin bartending license course!


Wisconsin Department of Revenue Approved!

Our online Wisconsin Bartending License - Alcohol Server course is approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes long. The course may be taken in one sitting or you may log out and resume the course at a later time.

Upon completion of the entire alcohol server course and passing the final quiz, your completion certificate can be printed immediately.

Your Wisconsin Certification is valid for two years from the date of issue.

Our Wisconsin Bartender License course is provided by Learn2Serve!


You Can Now Earn Your Wisconsin Bartender's License Online

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