Lucas Bols: a brand history

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Lucas Bols: a brand history

22nd May, 2017 by Annie Hayes - The Spirits Business

*This feature was initially published in the February 2017 issue of The Spirits Business magazine

“Bring back the forgotten spirit! That’s what I always say,” quips Huub van Doorne, CEO of Lucas Bols, in a meeting room above the company’s cocktail and genever experience in Amsterdam. Since 2008, van Doorne has been on a mission to revive ‘the grandfather of gin’. “The Dutch, we have a beautiful product, genever, but we tend to like what is coming from the rest of the world a little bit more,” he chuckles.

The family-run company that later became known as Lucas Bols was founded in 1575 at Het Lootsje, ‘The Little Shed’ distillery, just outside the capital city. Distillation took place outside using water from a stream.

The family developed a close relationship with the Dutch East India Trading Company, or Vereenigde Oost-indish Compagnie (VOC), crafting luxe liqueurs for its high- ranking officers and directors. Click Here To Read More!

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