BARTENDER OF THE WEEK Songstress and mixologist Robyn Whitehead

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BARTENDER OF THE WEEK Songstress and mixologist Robyn Whitehead

By Becky Montgomery - Florida Weekly Correspondant -

If you haven’t yet stopped into Key West’s newest little upscale bar, the Roost, at 508 Fleming Street between Duval and Simonton, you should. Open for just a month now, it’s a hidden gem you might pass by once or twice before you realize it’s there. It was last known as Baby Cheapee’s, a package liquor store, before becoming the next popular Maria Sharpe incarnation with idea guy/bar manager Chris Shultz at the helm once again. The interior décor is a warm welcome of wood, bar stools with octopus legs, and tables in the front and back for cushy seating. It’s a craft-cocktail bar that offers a small eclectic bar menu (i.e., a salmon plate, caviar and a selection of Pino’s chocolates), local celebrity bartenders, and best of all, they still offer package wine, liquor and beer. Click Here To Read More!

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