6 Lucky Things To Do On St. Patrick’s Day 2017

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6 Lucky Things To Do On St. Patrick’s Day 2017

Nicholas Mojica - International Business Times - Yahoo News

Has 2017 not been going your way so far? Well, you’re in luck! March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day, and you may be able to grab some of that luck-of-the-Irish. Before you head out to a parade or a bar, check out these six things you can do to make sure today is your lucky day.

1. Spill The Wine

While spilling salt can be seen as a bad omen, spilling wine could bring you good vibes. Now, you shouldn’t go around purposely spilling wine but if some happens to spill on your outfit or a table cloth, that’s even better luck. And if you’re really superstitious, make sure to dab a little bit of the wine behind your ears. Click Here To Read More!

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