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Boswell Alley in Northside, Ohio is Back

Boswells Northside Dining AreaBoswell alley was a great neighborhood restaurant and bar located in historic Northside, Ohio at 1686 Blue Rock St. Boswell Alley was operated by Mike and Jan Beck from 1986 when it was originally called “Mr. G’s” until they sold it in 2006. Unfortunately, the new owners did not run the restaurant at the same standards and went out of business in 2011.

The great little neighborhood bar and grill was known by locals as the “Hidden Jewel of Northside” and was known for quality food and drinks in a casual atmosphere. Boswell Alley was additionally known for great bands on Saturdays, karaoke on Wednesdays, euchre on Thursdays and its beautiful patio or “beer garden” with shade trees, a tiki bar, acoustic music and a fire pit for chilly evenings.

Boswell Alley Northside Bar StaffThe historic 1686 Blue Rock Street address was also the home of the Professional Bartending School which occupied the 2nd and 3rd floors from 1986 to 2010. The Professional Bartending School moved to its new address in Northside at 4141 Hamilton Avenue.

The restaurant has been purchased by the original owners, Mike and Jan Beck along with their new partners, Walt and Debbie Schultz and reopened in September, 2012.

The property has been extensively remodeled inside and out and many of the old menu items are back along with many new items including a lot of vegan choices.

For more information on Boswell Alley in Northside, visit their website or Facebook page.



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Global Financial Crisis?

The adult beverage industry is probably one of the most insulated career paths when it comes to good times and bad times. when times are good, people are"partying like it's 1999", and when times are bad people are drinking their troubles away. Not that we like to benefit from others misfortune, but facts are facts. While nearly every sector of the US economy is downsizing or outsourcing, the beverage industry is going strong. If any company in the beverage industry is losing money it is from bad management, not for lack of demand.

Take a look at the videos in the "bartending schools" section of the website. We have a hard time keeping up with all of the news stories on how the bartending school industry is up 20% or more in some markets. If you are already a professional bartender / mixologist. give yourself a pat on the back for choosing such a stable career. If you are thinking about becoming a bartender, read through this site and learn about the business from others in the industry then join us. There is always room for well trained, knowledgeable bartenders. Keeping that in mind, we reccomend that you seek out a reputable bartending school if you want to break into the industry because the lessons learned at agood bartending school will pay off immeadiately in better jobs, shifts, and tips.

The advantage of attending bartending school versus other trade schools is that our courses are short, effective and relatively inexpensive. You can be working as a bartender within two to four weeks. Most other trade schools take from 9 months to two years to complete and cost thousands of dollars. Bartending school can give you peace of mind in a very short time.

Most quality bartending schools offer a course that is at least 32 hours long. Three quarters of that time should be dedicated to letting the student practice what they have learned behind an actual bar under the close supervision of a licensed instructor. The bartending school should have a fully-equipped classroom that includes actual bar sinks, soda guns, beer taps, blenders and professional glassware.

A quality school will be licensed by their respective state board of education. State licensing ensures that the school is financially sound and employs state-approved teaching methods. A licensed school must follow the state laws in regard to enrolling students, school policies and offering a uniform refund policy.

Above all, we recommend that you visit the bartending school you are interested in prior to enrolling over the phone or by website. Education is not a purchase that should be made sight unseen. If there are more than one school in your city, take the time to visit at least two before making your decision. Cheapest is seldom best.

We have listed the 34 PBSA state-licensed bartending schools along with over 60 additional quality bartending schools that we are familiar with. We have included their phone numbers and a request more information form.

You may request an information package by clicking on the "request information" link next to each school. Your request will go directly to the school of your choice. Your information is never sold to outside companies or put on any "list".

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