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Brazil's national cocktail poised for Olympic exposure

By JENNIFER KAY, Associated Press | on July 21, 2016

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) — It's tempting to call cachaça a Brazilian rum and think of the caipirinha as another muddled tropical cocktail. The upcoming Olympics in Rio de Janeiro may change that. Brazil's national cocktail and unique distillation of sugarcane juice into a clear liquor are poised for the kind of worldwide exposure enjoyed by tequila after the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City and Australian wines after the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney.

"We Americans love to consume the Olympics and 'travel' there without going there by drinking and eating and celebrating the culture of whatever the host country is, so I think a lot of people are going to be watching the Olympic Games with a caipirinha in their hands," Leblon Cachaça President and CEO Steve Luttmann said in a recent interview.

Cachaça (pronounced ka-SHAH-sah) and rum share origins in sugarcane but they are processed differently. Click Here To Read More!

Top emoji cocktail recipes for World Emoji Day

21st July, 2016 by Nicola Carruthers - The Spirits Business

To mark World Emoji Day, Midori has created emoji-inspired cocktail recipes – can you decipher the menu? The Beam Suntory-owned melon liqueur has teamed up with top bartenders around the US to match emojis – the digital icons used to express ideas and emotions – with cocktail ingredients. Click Here To Read More!

Here’s the Real Reason You’ve Been Seeing Negronis Everywhere

By John Kell -

What’s behind the renaissance of the 97-year-old cocktail.

If you haven’t already tried a Negroni cocktail this week, you are missing out on a big trend in the bar scene. The 97-year-old cocktail is enjoying a renaissance of sorts as Americans discover “classic” drinks, including “sibling” beverages like the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned.

In the case of the Negroni, some savvy marketing is in play. This week, over 6,000 bars globally are participating in a charity/marketing event known as “Negroni Week.” Most alcoholic beverage categories celebrate a “national” holiday one day a year, including holidays for beer, tequila and gin. Click Here To Read More!

Barbecues top summer imbibing occasion for US

14th July, 2016 by Kristiane Sherry - The Spirits Business

Almost two thirds of regular alcohol consumers in the US say they will drink at barbecues this summer, ranking it the top consumption occasion according to data from analyst Nielsen.

With more than 90% of regular drinkers above legal drinking age (LDA) planning to consume alcohol outdoors during the season, picnics rank the next most popular occasion, followed by pool-side, at the beach, and then at patio bars. Click Here To Read More!

Louis XIII unveils ‘first’ Cognac Mathusalem

7th July, 2016 by Kristiane Sherry - The Spirits Business

Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII Cognac is to launch a 6-litre Mathusalem crystal decanter, thought to be the first edition of its kind released by a Cognac brand. Click Here To Read More!

BARTENDER OF THE WEEK - Getting sloppy with Jess Murray

BY BUCKY MONTGOMERY - Florida Weekly Correspondent

Scuba diving is something on many people’s bucket list. Taking it a step further, spending the night underneath the sea in an underwater hotel, is on a few others’ list. That’s how Sloppy Joe’s bartender and adventurer Jessica-Lauren Murray and I met six years ago. After an evening of scuba-ing in a murky lagoon, the two of us slept (in different rooms) 30 feet beneath the sea at the Jules Verne Underwater Hotel in Key Largo one frigid December night back in 2010. We sneaked a few airplane bottles down with us, watched “The Abyss” and “True Lies” on DVD, and even had a pizza delivered.

That’s right, we could see the scuba delivery guy swimming past our circular underwater windows, and took the delivery from him from a waterproof box as he came up through the hole in the floor, nice and hot. We were the only two there that night, so I quickly learned what a sweetheart Jess Murray really is. Originally from Corning, New York, Jess was an Army brat, moving around the United States from Georgia to Fort Tripler in Hawaii. Her father was a doctor, her mother was a nurse. After her mom passed away when she was 11, Jess was raised by her dad and two older brothers. She was scuba certified at age 15. “Instead of getting presents on Christmas or our birthdays, my brothers, dad and I went scuba diving,” she said, “including the Cayman Islands and Honduras.”Click Here To Read More!

6 colorful July 4th recipes to make your party sparkle

Jennifer McClellan, The Republic |

We’ve tested six Fourth of July recipes and would recommend them for any holiday celebration. They are filled with fruit and fresh flavors. They look impressive, but are easy to make.

In the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, food is how we party. More Americans plan to spend their Fourth of July holiday at a cookout, barbecue or picnic than plan to see fireworks or go to a parade, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual Independence Day survey. Those July 4th spreads will cost us $6.7 billion, the survey said. Click Here To Read More!

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