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Glenlivet ‘Becomes World’s No. 1 Single Malt’

2nd September, 2015 by Kristiane Sherry - The Spirits Business

Chivas Brothers has announced that after selling more than one million cases in 2014, The Glenlivet has “become the world’s number one single malt Scotch whisky brand”. Click Here To See More!

Top 10 Spirit Launches In August 2015

1st September, 2015 by Amy Hopkins - The Spirits Business

A Scotch whisky inspired by Japan, asparagus-infused gin and spicy vodka that pays homage to the Northern Lights are among the spirits industry’s most interesting new products. Click Here To Read More!

Top Vodka Cocktails Around The World

28th August, 2015 by admin - The Spirits Business

Showing two fingers to those who doubt the relevance of vodka in contemporary cocktail culture, Tyler Wetherall speaks to the bartenders putting the spirit centre stage. Click Here To Read More!

Pernod Ricard’s top brands in 2014/15

27th August, 2015 by Amy Hopkins - The Spirits Business

While a significant number of Pernod Ricard’s key brands reported flat or declining sales in 2014/15, some labels managed to claw back growth. Click Here To Read More!

The 7 Tequilas For Making The Perfect Margarita

Aliza Kellerman -

The margarita may have a contested history, but few would argue over its deliciousness. As craft cocktail bars seem to open by the hour, so too do new spins on this classic drink. We’ve published a few non-traditional takes on this festive cocktail ourselves. Even Chipotle features a margarita to go with their classy fast food. Margaritas are simply too agreeable to ever be out of trend. And we’re pretty happy about that. Click Here To Read More!

Whiskey in space! Why is a Japanese company sending booze to the International Space Station?

By James Queally - Los Angeles Times

Aging whiskey is a particular process. Any number of factors — the type of wood used in the barrel, the temperature, the altitude — can alter the taste, flavor and alcohol content. Click Here To Read More!

8 Frozen Cocktail Recipes Around the World, Because You've Had A Hot Day

Drink your way around the globe.

Headshot of James Cave Staff Writer, Lifestyle, The Huffington Post

All you really need to cope with the incessant heat of late summer is a good booze collection, ice and a blender. It's the blessed trinity of refreshment. Here are our favorite selections from around the world -- from Peru's delicious pisco sour to France's sidecar (turned into a milkshake, thankyouverymuch). What are you waiting for? Treat yourself cold. Click Here To Read More!

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